Star Wars


May the Fourth be with you! Star Wars is an iconic franchise, and is now a deeply ingrained part of Disney Parks. Star Wars Land is currently being built in both Disneyland and Disney World, Hollywood Studios.


In Hollywood Studios, guests can visit Star Wars Launch Bay for character interactions, shopping and browsing movie props.


Additionally, there are multiple Stormtrooper marches throughout the park and a stage show. IMG_1268

Meal Ideas:


Local Attractions/Experiences:

  • Visit the Windsor Park Branch of the Austin Public Library for Revenge of the Fifth! There will be a costume contest, snacks, trivia, games, prizes and so much more! Friday May 5th from 6-8;30 pm. Windsor Park Branch: 5833 Westminster Dr.


  • Make Space art: Fill a spray bottle with diluted white paint and spray on black construction paper. Pour colored paint into paper plates, then dip a balloon (blown up and tied) in the paint. Make “planets” by pressing the painted end of the balloon on the space paper.
  • Make a pool noodle Lightsaber
  • AT-ST Marionette
  • Asteroid Hunt: Wrap treasures in foil and hide. Kids go on a treasure hunt to find them.
  • Galaxy Maze
  • Admiral Ackbar Puppet
  • Pin the light saber on Yoda
  • Star Wars Bingo
  • R2D2 and C3PO Coloring Page

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