Swiss Family Robinson


Swiss Family Robinson is a 1960 film based on an 1812 novel by Johann David Wyss, about a shipwrecked family’s survival on a deserted tropical island. Visitors to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom can explore the Swiss Family Treehouse nestled in Adventureland.

Meal Ideas:

Local Attractions/Experiences:

  • Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch: In the film, the Robinson family have a race while riding exotic animals. While that isn’t possible here in Austin, guests can experience the next best thing in this drive through safari. Natural Bridge Caverns Rd.
    San Antonio, 78266


  • Island coconut races: Each player needs a coconut and a broom. The object is to just use the broom to navigate your coconut around a race course.
  • Make sand castles: Use a simple plastic bin and sand you can buy at a hardware store t create your own sand castles without going to the beach.
  • Make your own treehouse.
  • Dress up as castaways: Grass skirts, coconuts, and other tropical items are usually available at your local Dollar Tree or other dollar store.



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